Swordplay for Shakespeare
Pre-choreographed fight sequences for 8 of Shakespeare's most performed plays.

Vol #1: Macbeth

Macbeth DVD

Run time: 2 hours

Fights included on this DVD:

  • The death of Banquo (broadsword, daggers, hand to hand, mixed) multi fight
  • The death of Lady Macduff (daggers)
  • The Battle (PODS, sword and shield, single sword, mixed weapons)
  • Macbeth vs. Macduff (broadsword vs broadsword and shield)
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William Shakespeare

This unique DVD series brings easy to learn, professionally choreographed sword fight sequences right to your stage!

  • Add to the value of your production by staging safe & exciting sword fights
  • Each move is broken down and explained to the viewer for specific fights in Shakespeare's most popular plays
  • Fights you can use over & over, saving you money and time
  • Don't let the action stop when the sword fight begins
  • Designed by world famous Hollywood sword master Tim Weske

Each video contains:

These DVD's can be used everytime you stage these play's. They also translate to ALL plays that require fighting.

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